Oklahoma DUI Survival Guide

Oklahoma DUI Survival Guide

Often remarks are made indicating that ‘drunk drivers’ should just be locked up and that it takes a slimy lawyer to try to get them off.  That reaction is understandable from a purely emotional standpoint, but let’s dig a little deeper.  The reason we have courts is to determine if the laws are being followed and to administer justice.  It is the foundation of our nation.  The police officer has a job – he arrests people who are suspected of committing crimes.  At that point, the District Attorney (DA) assumes responsibility.  The DA’s job is to determine if charges should be filed and to prosecute the case.  If we stopped there we would have a form of kangaroo court – but we do not.

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The person accused is entitled by law to have his day in court.  The Defense Attorney is responsible for providing balance by fighting the overwhelming power of the government.  There will be a judge who is supposed to be neutral – a referee in effect.  Then, we have a jury composed of his ‘peers’.  That is, the jury should represent people in the community who are similar to the accused person.

With these players in place, each has a job to do.  The Prosecutor wants to convict and the Defense Attorney must protect his client.  The Defense Attorney demands that all laws and all procedures are followed.  The evidence will be tested.  Our Founding Fathers felt it was extremely important that innocent people not be convicted and this concern lead to the formation of our current judicial system.

Without the objection of the Defense Attorney, illegal evidence could be introduced.  Without the Defense Attorney, illegal interrogation by the police would be rampant.  Without the Defense Attorney, police could arrest on just a hunch.  Without the Defense Attorney, illegal home searches could take place — you get the idea.  The Defense Attorney, by doing his job, is defending the rights of EVERY citizen in the United States.  He is standing for justice and you cannot have justice only for a certain group of people.  Just as our laws are meant to apply equally to all people — justice is meant to apply equally to all people.

Book Chapters

Chapter 1
What Is This Book About And Why Should I Read It? – Introduction

Chapter 2
Do The Guys Who Wrote This Book Know What They Are Talking About? – Meet The Authors

Chapter 3
The Cop Said I Didn’t Have The Right To Talk To An Attorney – Your Constitutional Rights Does Not Apply To A DUI

Chapter 4
It’s A Simple DUI, What’s The Big Deal? – Hidden Costs Of A DUI

Chapter 5
Big Lies About DUI’s – But They Sound So True

Chapter 6
An Oklahoma DUI Felony Conviction – Professions That Will Be Closed To You

Chapter 7
Roadmap To Oklahoma Courts For A DUI – Administrative Hearing V. Criminal Court Case – District Court V. Municipal Court

Chapter 8
Halt! Check With The Border Guard – You No Longer Can Travel To Canada

Chapter 9
I Need A Ticket To Ride – What About My Driver’s License?

Chapter 10
I Have A Commercial Driver’s License – Can I Still Work?

Chapter 11
Don’t Get Grounded Or Go Down With The Boat – Big Brother Is Watching Pilots And Merchant Marines

Chapter 12
What About My Record? – A DUI Arrest Gives You 3 Records

Chapter 13
They Made Me Perform Like A Circus Monkey – Are Standardized Field Sobriety Tests Designed For Failure?

Chapter 14
Gizmo, Machine Or Instrument? – Is An Intoxilyzer 5000/8000 Breath Test Accurate?

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    Chapter 15
    Needles, Needles, Needles – Blood Test Issues

    Chapter 16
    What Do They Have To Prove To Lock Me Up? – Elements Of The Crime

    Chapter 17
    Row, Row, Row Your Boat – Boating And Alcohol

    Chapter 18
    My Doctor Prescribed This Cute Little Pill And I  Went To Jail – Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs Illegal And Prescription

    Chapter 19
    How Bad Will It Hurt – Legal Penalties

    Chapter 20
    Common Police Mistakes – How They Can Help You

    Chapter 21
    I’m A Smart Cookie – I Don’t Need An Attorney – Do I?

    Chapter 22
    Ok, You Convinced Me – Where Is The Cheapest Attorney? – Parachutes, Brain Surgeons, And DUI Attorneys

    Chapter 23
    Only 2 Cases Of Beer And They Said I Was Drunk – How To Estimate Your Blood Alcohol Content

    Chapter 24
    The 7 Deadly Sins For An Oklahoma DUI – How To Avoid Them

    Chapter 25
    Dump Truck Lawyers – Don’t Get Dumped By An Unconcerned Lawyer

    Chapter 26
    Lawyers All Look The Same To Me – Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A DUI Attorney

    Chapter 27
    I Have To Blow Start My Car? – Ignition Interlock Devices

    Chapter 28
    Where Did The Money Go? – Bail And Bond Issues

    The Authors

    Bruce Edge and John Hunsucker are experienced DUI attorneys who designed this book to help protect the average citizen from overzealous DUI law enforcement.

    John Hunsucker

    DUI Attorney
    Bruce Edge

    Bruce Edge

    DUI Attorney