Oklahoma DUI Book Chapters

Chapter 1
What Is This Book About And Why Should I Read It? – Introduction

Chapter 2
Do The Guys Who Wrote This Book Know What They Are Talking About? – Meet The Authors

Chapter 3
The Cop Said I Didn’t Have The Right To Talk To An Attorney – Your Constitutional Rights Does Not Apply To A DUI

Chapter 4
It’s A Simple DUI, What’s The Big Deal? – Hidden Costs Of A DUI

Chapter 5
Big Lies About DUI’s – But They Sound So True

Chapter 6
An Oklahoma DUI Felony Conviction – Professions That Will Be Closed To You

Chapter 7
Roadmap To Oklahoma Courts For A DUI – Administrative Hearing V. Criminal Court Case – District Court V. Municipal Court

Chapter 8
Halt! Check With The Border Guard – You No Longer Can Travel To Canada

Chapter 9
I Need A Ticket To Ride – What About My Driver’s License?

Chapter 10
I Have A Commercial Driver’s License – Can I Still Work?

Chapter 11
Don’t Get Grounded Or Go Down With The Boat – Big Brother Is Watching Pilots And Merchant Marines

Chapter 12
What About My Record? – A DUI Arrest Gives You 3 Records

Chapter 13
They Made Me Perform Like A Circus Monkey – Are Standardized Field Sobriety Tests Designed For Failure?

Chapter 14
Gizmo, Machine Or Instrument? – Is An Intoxilyzer 5000/8000 Breath Test Accurate?

Chapter 15
Needles, Needles, Needles – Blood Test Issues

Chapter 16
What Do They Have To Prove To Lock Me Up? – Elements Of The Crime

Chapter 17
Row, Row, Row Your Boat – Boating And Alcohol

Chapter 18
My Doctor Prescribed This Cute Little Pill And I  Went To Jail – Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs Illegal And Prescription

Chapter 19
How Bad Will It Hurt – Legal Penalties

Chapter 20
Common Police Mistakes – How They Can Help You

Chapter 21
I’m A Smart Cookie – I Don’t Need An Attorney – Do I?

Chapter 22
Ok, You Convinced Me – Where Is The Cheapest Attorney? – Parachutes, Brain Surgeons, And DUI Attorneys

Chapter 23
Only 2 Cases Of Beer And They Said I Was Drunk – How To Estimate Your Blood Alcohol Content

Chapter 24
The 7 Deadly Sins For An Oklahoma DUI – How To Avoid Them

Chapter 25
Dump Truck Lawyers – Don’t Get Dumped By An Unconcerned Lawyer

Chapter 26
Lawyers All Look The Same To Me – Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A DUI Attorney

Chapter 27
I Have To Blow Start My Car? – Ignition Interlock Devices

Chapter 28
Where Did The Money Go? – Bail And Bond Issues

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