Do I Need an Oklahoma DUI Lawyer?

Do I?

If you want to be free, there is but one way,
It is to guarantee an equally full measure of liberty
to all your neighbors.
There is no other way.

If you haven’t read Chapter 4 “IT’S A SIMPLE DUI, WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?” read it and then return to this page.  Ask yourself, “Am I willing to pay this price?”  Then ask, “Do I feel my future is worth the investment of hiring a top-flight DUI attorney?”

Now read Chapter 14, “GIZMO, MACHINE or INSTRUMENT” along with Chapter 15, “NEEDLES, NEEDLES, NEEDLES”.  If you have read these chapters, ask yourself one more question, “Even though I may be an intelligent person, do I really think I have the skill and experience in what is possibly my only time in a court room to outsmart the police officer and prosecuting attorney who do this for a living every single day?”


Far too often, I will receive a phone call from someone who says, “I think I will just go talk to the judge or the prosecutor myself.”  REALLY???  Let’s think about this—they have arrested you and have filed criminal charges against you.  Does that sound like a friendly shoulder to lean on?  THINK—We call them PROSECUTORS for a reason… they make their living PROSECUTING people.  Do you really think they have your best interest at heart?  Of course not, they are concerned with CONVICTIONS.

The Judge will not talk with you; he is supposed to be an impartial party who stands between your defense attorney and the prosecutor.  If you plead guilty, the judge can sentence you to jail with no explanation.  And please, please do not turn to a friendly police officer for help.  Hasn’t he helped you enough by putting you in this position to begin with?  Cops may be familiar with the statutes but that doesn’t mean they know how to use them to protect you.  They often do not understand the hidden costs, deadlines, or court procedures that are so important to your future.

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